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How 3D Scanner Rental Works

  • Contact

    Get some more information on 3D Scanner Rental by filling out our Request a Quote form. Or, give us a call at 412.871.3220.

  • Discuss

    Once we receive your information, we will contact you to discuss the details needed to rent 3D scanning equipment. We iron out the important details of you project such as the type of equipment you need (our favorite right now is the Faro Focus3D X 330), the dates you need it by, and any additional accessories, training, or services you may need. We use this information to put together a personalized 3D Scanner Rental Quote.

  • Questions?

    We love bragging about the benefits of incorporating a 3D Laser Scanner Rental into your next project. However, this all goes to waste if we aren’t able to meet your needs a project manager and ensure that you are armed with the right information to make a project profitable. For those new to laser scanning, these questions are both the most important and the hardest to answer. We make sure to address all the aspects of your project when you rent 3d scanning equipment to ensure that every detail from start to finish goes as planned. We go over issues such as:

    • What’s the real cost for using a laser scanner? What sort of time and money will I be saving?
    • What kind scanner is best for my application?
    • How do I use a scanner correctly?
    • How do I register point cloud?
    • How does this data translate into a CAD program?
    • Do I need any special training to use this equipment?
    • What additional services are available with the scanner?
    • What Laser Scanner Accessories do I need?
    • Is there a deposit required to reserve a laser scanner?
    • Do I need insurance to use the scanner?
  • Confirm

    We review your project details and confirm the equipment and dates of your 3D Laser Scanner Rental.