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faro focus3d x 330 laser scanner

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Scanner2GO – Start 3D Laser Scanning Today

Our mission is simple: give people the equipment and know-how to start using 3D laser scanning by themselves. That’s why we don’t only rent laser scanners; we provide access to a solid foundation of knowledge for all things scanning. This includes in depth tutorials, specific use cases, troubleshooting solutions for specific software and hardware, and basic knowledge.

3D Laser Scanner Rental

Find the latest and greatest in the 3D scanning market – from industry standards such as the Faro Focus3D X 330, exciting new equipment such as the Leica BLK360, or alternative imaging systems such as the Matterport 3D Camera


It’s not enough to have the tools; you have to have the knowledge to do the job right. Consequently, we give our laser scanner rental customers access to – you guessed it – laser scanning tutorials.


Sometimes, the best way to learn is to do. Our tutorials provide a step-by-step break down of common practices for scanning and data processing


It’s important to know why things work the way they do. Our “Basics” articles explain the science behind how laser scanners function


While every project, in many cases they focus on achieving the same kind of results. Read about the processes behind specific applications of 3D scanning and pick hints on how to do it better.